How do you pronounce M.RAGE?

M.RAGE has no official pronounciation. It can be pronounced as Mirage, M-DOT-RAGE or M-RAGE. Just like a mirage, reality is often obscured by what our eyes perceive. All versions can be used interchangably.

Return/Refund Policy

M.RAGE does not offer returns. Refunds will be provided only for products with manufacturing defects. If you have an item that is believed to be defective, please contact us within 7 days on: contact@mdotrage.com

Shipping and Delievery

All new orders will be placed in our queue section after payment processing until the order is QC'd, packaged and shipped. Once the order has shipped, customers will be notified via e-mail and given a tracking ID. All US Orders should arrive on average 3-5 business days after being shipped.

International Shipping?

Currently, M.RAGE only ships to the United States; however, we are looking into methods to ship internationally in the near future. Please follow us on Instagram to keep up-to-date!

Physical location?

M.RAGE currently does not have a physical location for customers to go to. We do however attend conventions to sell our wares, and we announce all our upcoming conventions on the "Upcoming Events" tab or on our Instagram!